Mehrner Heilwasser boasts the following properties:

  • Neutral in taste, despite its high mineral content
  • The natural qualities of an artesian water – extracted without pumps – and the gentle bottling process directly into the glass bottle without the use of artificial pressure
  • The excellent health-promoting bioenergetic quality of a deep-spring healing water
  • A unique composition of minerals in the best possible bioavailability for the body

Biochemical composition

The Mehrner spring is a cold source of calcium, magnesium, sulphate and hydrogen carbonate. The water exceeds the official minimum requirement for healing water, according to the Tyrolean Spa and Health Spa Act, of 1 gram per litre of dissolved minerals at 1600mg/l. It has a particularly high calcium, hydrogen carbonate, magnesium, sulphate and fluoride content.

The artesian Mehrner Heilwasser leaves the spring at a stable temperature of approx. 9.6°C.